Health Policy Practicum II
1-4 Doctorate Credits
This Practice course is designed to provide students the opportunity to to utilize practicum hours for critical examination of health care policy and finance from state, national and international perspectives. The student will be able to gain expertise and competency with a practicum focus on government, provider, consumer, and payer role in delivery of healthcare, and to examine past present and future issues in healthcare and healthcare delivery process. This course provides the opportunity for the student to acquire practicum hours relevant to the student's Healthy Policy DNP project focus and to obtain practicum hours to complete the requirements for the DNP Project.
1 Credit hour = 45 practicum Hours
2 Credit hours = 90 practicum hours
3 Credit hours = 135 practicum hours
4 credit hours = 180 practicum
Grading Basis
1 - 4
Practicum - Required
NURS 851
Academic Group
College of Health Professions
Academic Organization
College of Health Professions
Coppin State University