Compstat, Crime Analysis & Mapping and Strategic-Oriented Policing
3 graduate credits
This course defines crime analysis, provides an overview of the crime analysis process, identifies different types of crime analysis, examines the origins and development of crime analysis and the current state of crime analysis. It introduces GIS and crime mapping, addresses geographic features and types of crime mapping and provides a history of crime mapping from the early 1900’s to the present. It addresses the relationship between criminological theory and crime analysis and discusses technological and data related issues. It explores Strategic Crime Analysis, including temporal and spatial analysis, as well as Tactical Crime Analysis and pattern identification. It examines the historical background of the New York City Crime Control Model, key aspects of the Compstat/Crime Control Model, implementation issues and law enforcement strategy and tactics. Legal, ethical, leadership and management issues are discusses, as is the relationship between community policing and compstat.
Grading Basis
Lecture - Required
CRJU 535
Academic Group
College of Beh and Social Scie
Academic Organization
Criminal Justice
Coppin State University